Pre-flight and post-flight inspection regulations

Please read about the pre-flight and post-flight inspection regulations applicable for all flights of VIM Airlines:

Passenger and baggage carriage contract

Passenger ticket and baggage check are the documents confirming the contract between the passenger and VIM Airlines (Carrier) concerning carriage of passenger and his baggage.

Such ticket is valid for regular and charter flights on domestic and international airlines.

Important passenger information

A passenger who is late for check-in, which ends 40 minutes before the time of departure specified on the ticket is not admitted to the flight. Departure time on the ticket is local.

Time of arrival, if indicated on the ticket, may differ from actual time of arrival due to flight conditions not depending on the carrier (meteorological conditions along the route, head wind, alteration of route at the demand of organizations responsible for air navigation servicing of the flight, load of the airspace in the area of the airport of arrival, etc.).

The Carrier may reject the carriage:

  • if it is needed to ensure the safety and health of the passengers;
  • to prevent the violation of applicable laws, decrees, regulations and orders of governmental authorities of any country to, from or through the territory of which the carriage is performed;
  • due to passenger’s refusal to abide by the rules, instructions and orders of the Carrier;
  • due to passenger’s sickness, if the state of his health is dangerous for the sick person himself or for the people around;
  • if a passenger has incorrect documents. Including:
  • for the persons creating dangerous situation or who may harm or damage other persons or their property;
  • a passenger in the state of alcoholic or drug intoxication;
  • a passenger, whose actions violate the rules of use of the air transport.

In addition, in certain cases, when a passenger is denied access to the booked flight at the Carrier’s fault, the latter may provide additional services or pay a compensation according to the established regulations.

Complete or partial refund for unused section of the route is made at the venue of purchase of the tickets within one year from the date of issue of such ticket, if the carriage was not performed at any section of the route, or from the date of departure on the first section of the route (unless otherwise is required by Fare Application Regulations).

When buying an air ticket or altering the carriage terms after purchase (family name, flight number, service class, date of departure to or from the location, etc.) please consult the Carrier or its agent concerning the terms of applicable fare to gain assistance in respect of the possible applicable limitations. Non-fulfillment of this recommendation may result in increase in fare and/or additional costs for you. In certain cases, the fees for refusal from flight or alteration of booking of tickets purchased at special fares may apply.

A ticket is valid for the flight specified therein only for the person the ticket is registered for.

For any further information please contact the representative offices of the company or its agents.

Terms and conditions of the contract of air carriage within the territory of the Russian Federation

For the harm caused to the life or health of the aircraft passenger on domestic flights, the aircraft owner shall be liable in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.

Liability of the Carrier for loss, underdelivery or damage (spoilage) of the baggage accepted for air carriage without specifying the value is equal to its cost, but not more than two minimum wages set by the federal law per kilogram of the baggage weight.

For the loss, underdelivery or damage (spoilage) of belongings held by the passenger, the liability is equal to their value, and if it can not be determined — not more than ten minimum wages set by the federal law.

Rights and liabilities of the Carrier and the passenger in other legal relations connected with air carriage hereunder are determined by the Carrier’s regulations.

In case of loss of the ticket, the passenger is not admitted to the flight, carriage charge and fees are not refunded; making of a copy is subject to the agreement with the Carrier as an exception.


To the carriage with the final destination or stop in a country, other than the country of departure, Warsaw Convention may apply, which in majority of cases limits the liability of the Carrier for death or harm to health of the passenger and for the loss or damage of the baggage. See also «Notification of the international flight passenger about limitation of liability» and «Notification about limitation of liability for the baggage».

Contract terms

  1. Terms used in this contract shall have the following meanings: «ticket» — this passenger ticket and baggage check, or this itinerary receipt, as applicable, in case of electronic ticket, a part of which are these terms and representations; «carriage» — similar to transportation; «carrier» — all carriers carrying or undertaking carriage of the passenger or his baggage hereunder, or render any other services related to such carriage; «electronic ticket» shall mean itinerary receipt issued by the carrier or on its behalf, electronic seals and, as applicable, boarding document. «Warsaw Convention» shall mean the Convention for the Unification of Certain Rules Relating to International Carriage by Air signed in Warsaw on October 12, 1929, or the same convention as amended by the Protocol signed in Hague on September 28, 1955, whichever can apply to a given carriage.
  2. To the carriage performed hereunder, the regulations on liability set by the Warsaw Convention shall apply, save when such carriage is not an «international carriage» as defined in the Convention.
  3. As far as it does not contradict the aforesaid, the carriage performed hereunder, as well as other services provided by each carrier, is subject to: (I) terms and conditions specified in the ticket; (II) applicable fares; (III) carrier’s carriage conditions and associated rules, which are the part of this contract (which can be requested in the carrier’s representative offices). In respect of carriage between the locations in USA or Canada and any locations beyond them, the fares set in these countries shall apply.
  4. The name of the carrier in the ticket may be abbreviated. Full name and its abbreviation are given in tariff guides, carriage terms and conditions, regulations and schedule of the respective carrier. The address of the carrier is the airport of departure specified on the ticket next to the abbreviated name of the carrier appearing first. Agreed stops are the locations specified on this ticket or specified in the carrier’s schedule as stops on the route the passenger follows. Carriage performed hereunder by several carriers consecutively is considered a single carriage.
  5. A carrier issuing the ticket for air carriage by another carrier acts as an agent of the latter.
  6. Any exemptions or limitations of the carrier’s liability shall apply to all agents, employees or representatives of the carrier, as well as any person, whose aircraft is used for carriage by the carrier and agents, employees or representatives of such person.
  7. Checked in baggage is issued to the bearer of the baggage tag. In case of damage of the baggage during the international carriage, a written claim should be submitted to the carrier as soon as the damage is detected, but not later than seven days upon receipt of the baggage. In case of delay in delivery, the claim should be received not later than 21 days upon receipt of the baggage. Please see fares and conditions for non-international carriage.
  8. The term of this ticket is one year from the date of issue, unless otherwise is specified on this ticket, tariff guides, carriage conditions or applicable rules. The fare for carriage performed hereunder may be changed before the start of carriage. Carrier is entitled to deny the carriage if the applicable fare was not paid.
  9. The Carrier should take all necessary and reasonable actions to carry the passenger and baggage within reasonable terms. The time specified in the schedule and other document is not guaranteed and is not an integral part of this contract. The Carrier may, without prior notice, transfer the passenger for carriage to another carrier, replace the aircraft, change or cancel landing in the airports specified on the ticket, if necessary. The schedule may be changed without prior notice to the passenger. The Carrier is not responsible for connecting the flights.
  10. Passenger should meet the requirements of the state authorities concerning the travels, provide entry, leave and other necessary documents and arrive to the airport by the time set by the carrier, and if no such time is set, by the time sufficient to pass pre-flight procedures.
  11. None of the agents, employees or representatives of the carrier are entitled to alter or cancel the provisions of this contract.

Passengers’ baggage carriage

A passenger may bring to the airplane cabin, under his responsibility, baggage (bags, etc.), which is accepted within the free baggage allowance. One item of such baggage should not exceed 5 kg, maximum dimensions — 45×35x15 cm. Only 1 baggage item is allowed to be carried in the aircraft cabin.

Animals are not allowed to be carried in the passenger cabins, except for guide dogs. Animals and birds are accepted for air carriage subject to prior agreement with the Carrier based on permissive documents obtained by the passenger independently from the relevant veterinary and customs control authorities of the country of departure, and shall be carried in the hold of the aircraft for the fee set by the Carrier.

The Carrier is entitled to restrict the acceptance or refuse to accept the baggage in excess of the free baggage allowance.

If a passenger requests carriage of more baggage than it was initially booked and paid for, such baggage shall be accepted only if free tonnage is available and for an applicable fee. Oversized (1 item exceeding 0.5×0.5×1.0 m) and heavy-weight (1 item exceeding 30 kg) baggage shall be accepted for carriage subject to prior agreement with the Carrier.

Passenger should pay for carriage of baggage exceeding the free baggage allowance specified on the corresponding flight coupon, subject to applicable fare as of the date of issue of receipt for payment for excess baggage.

The Carrier shall not be liable for fragile, valuable or perishable items.

Money and documents should be carried by the passenger personally, without checking them in as a baggage. Further information is available from the Carrier or its representative.

The following items and substances are allowed to be carried on board of the aircraft by the crew members and passengers subject to the established requirements:

  1. 1. In the checked-in baggage in hold or baggage stowage bin of the aircraft with the isolated access of the passengers during the flight:
    • alcoholic drinks above 24% but not exceeding 70% of alcohol contents in the 0.5 l containers in the retail package — not more than 5 l per passenger;
    • liquids and alcoholic beverages with the alcohol contents under 24%;
    • sprays for use in sport or household purposes, outlets of which are protected by caps from accidental spraying, in the cans of not more than 0.5 kg or 500 ml — not more than 2 kg or 2 l per passenger;
  2. 2. In the hand baggage:
    • medical thermometer –1 per Passenger;
    • mercury tonometers in standard cases — 1 per Passenger;
    • mercury barometers and manometers packed in special hermetic containers and sealed by the manufacturer;
    • disposable lighters — one per passenger;
    • dry ice for cooling of perishable products — not more than 2 kg per passenger;
    • 3% hydrogen peroxide — maximum 100 ml per passenger;
    • non-hazardous liquids, gels and sprays: in the containers of maximum 100 ml (or equivalent capacity in other units), packed in safely sealed plastic bag of maximum 1 l — 1 bag per passenger.

Liquids in containers over 100 ml are not accepted for carriage, even if they filled only partially.

Exceptions are medicines, baby food and special dietary items.

Liquids purchased in duty-free stores in the airport or aboard should be packed in a safely sealed plastic bag ensuring the identification of the contents of the bag during the flight, which has a reliable evidence that this item was purchased in the airport duty-free stores or aboard the aircraft on the date(s) of the trip.

Notification of the international flight passengers about limitation of liability

Passengers, carriage of which includes the destination or stop in a country other than the country of departure are notified that the provisions of the international agreement known as Warsaw Convention may apply to the entire carriage, including any section completely located within the territory of the country of departure or destination. For such passengers carried by the carrier, who is not a member of special agreements, the liability of the carrier for death or harm to the health of the passengers in majority of cases is limited to approximately 10 000 US dollars or 20 000 US dollars.

Additional security is normally provided by the passenger through insurance. Such insurance is not affected by any limitation of liability of the carrier under the Warsaw Convention or special carriage agreement. For further information please contact the carrier or insurer’s representative.

Notification of limitation of liability for baggage

Except for advance statement of the increased value of the baggage, including payment of additional fee, the liability for loss, damage or delay in delivery of baggage for the majority of international carriages (including domestic sections of the international route) is limited to approximately 9.07 US dollars per 1 pound (20 US dollars per kilogram) of the checked-in baggage, and 400 US dollars for unchecked-in baggage per passenger. Increased value may be stated for certain types of items. Some carriers are not liable for fragile, valuable or perishable items. Additional information is available from the carrier.

In addition to the established free baggage allowance, the following items may be carried free of charge, if they are held by the passenger and are not in the baggage:

Briefcase, plastic bag, bunch of flowers, video camera, laptop, purse or file, printed media for reading during the flight, baby food and road baby cot, umbrella or cane, overcoat or raincoat, folding wheelchair and/or crutches, if the passenger needs these items.

Baby cot, wheelchair and crutches may be carried in the hold of the plane.

Notification of governmental taxes, fees and duties

The cost of this ticket may include taxes, fees and duties levied by the government on air transport. Such taxes, fees and duties, which may comprise a certain portion of the cost of flight, are included in the cost of the ticket or are indicated separately in the «FEES» section of the ticket. You may also be requested to pay taxes, fees and duties that were not collected.

Hazardous items and substances

For the purpose of ensuring safety of flights, the passengers are prohibited from carrying the following hazardous items and substances:

  • explosives, firing agents and items containing them;
  • compressed and liquefied gases;
  • highly-flammable liquids;
  • highly-flammable solids;
  • radioactive materials;
  • organic oxidizing agents, peroxides, bleaches;
  • poisonous and toxic substances;
  • caustic and corrosive substances.

Weapons, ammunition and non-lethal weapons of the passengers authorized to bear and possess them are withdrawn for the period of the flight by the officer performing pre-flight inspection, and are returned in the airport of arrival.

Items that can be used as a weapon for assaulting the crew or passengers (knives, axes, ice axes, crossbows, pneumatic rifles and pistols, harpoon guns, weapon imitations and other stabbing and cutting items) may be carried only in the hold.