Oversized baggage carriage

  1. Oversized (checked-in) baggage is accepted for carriage subject to prior agreement with the Carrier. Oversized baggage is the baggage, the total of three dimensions of one item of which exceed 203 cm and/or the weight exceeds 32 kg. It may include: sport equipment, musical instruments, audio and video appliances, TVs, refrigerators, electric ovens, non-folding baby carriages, bicycles, wheelchairs, etc.
  2. A Passenger intending to carry the oversized baggage should inform the Carrier about it when booking a seat or buying an air ticket.
  3. If several carriers participate in transportation, the booking Carrier should obtain their consent for transportation of oversized baggage. Oversized baggage shall be accepted for transportation only if the size of loading doors and holds of the airplanes allow the handling and placement of baggage on board.
  4. The oversized baggage should have the devices for its fastening during transportation to the aircraft, from it and on board of the aircraft.
  5. A free baggage allowance does not apply to the oversized baggage, carriage of such baggage should be paid at the rate set for excess baggage.
  6. The Carrier may reject the oversized baggage if it does not meet the aforesaid requirements.