Forbidden items and substances

  1. The following items and substances are not accepted for carriage as baggage, because they can hurt the passengers or damage aircraft or onboard property:
    • gas spays and gas weapon cartridges containing nerve gas or tear gas.
    • explosive substances and items containing explosives, firing agents, ammunition, illuminative substances and flares;
    • compressed and liquefied gases, household gases (butane-propane, etc.);
    • poisonous, toxic and irritant substances;
    • flammable solids and liquids;
    • caustic corrosive or oxidizing agents and materials;
    • magnetized materials;
    • radioactive materials;
    • briefcases and bags equipped with the security devices;
    • quicksilver and other substances, freights and items having the features similar with the aforementioned, that cause reasonable doubt about their safe transportation and that can be used for firing, explosion or that may threaten the lives of the passengers and crew of the aircraft.
  2. The list of substances and items forbidden for carriage by the passengers on civil aircraft is compiled by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). The following special types of baggage and freight are forbidden for carriage:
    • biological preparations (preserved blood, etc.);
    • wild animals and birds, fur animals and reptiles (snakes);
    • large domestic animals (over 30 kg), poultry;
    • fish seed, bees and other insects.
  3. The following items are also not allowed for carriage:
    • items that, in Carrier’s opinion, in their weight, dimensions or other characteristics are not acceptable as a baggage;
    • items, carriage of which is forbidden by laws, resolutions, regulations and orders of the state authorities of the Russian Federation and of the transit countries.