Transportation of business-class passengers

  1. The Carrier provides the business-class passengers with additional services improving the comfort of the air trip. Business-class passengers at the airport terminal are normally checked in at a separate check-in desk, moved to the aircraft by a separate bus after moving of the economy-class passengers.
  2. In the airport, the business-class passengers may be offered to attend the business lounge. The Carrier will inform the passenger about it during checking in. In the airports, where the business lounge is provided with the special inspection desk, business-class passengers may pass the pre-flight inspection there. If no such desk is available in the business lounge, the business-class passengers shall pass the pre-flight inspection in the airport concourse. If there are separate desks for pre-flight inspection of the business-class passengers in the concourse, such passengers may pass the inspection at such desks.
  3. Upon arrival to the destination airport, business-class passengers are the first to leave the aircraft and be moved to the air terminal, normally, on a special bus.
  4. On board of the aircraft, the business-class passengers are offered special services. The business-class cabin is equipped with more comfortable and functional seats, business class cabin is separated from the economy class cabin.