Carriage of visually- and hearing-impaired passengers

  1. In case of carriage of a visually — or hearing-impaired passenger, the Carrier should be provided with the respective documents (pension certificate, certificate of special training of the guide dog).
  2. A visually — or hearing-impaired passenger is carried only accompanied by another person or a guide dog. If no accompanying person is available, an agent, when booking a seat for a visually — or hearing-impaired passenger, should inform the Carrier about it to ensure assistance for such passenger during checking-in and delivery to the aircraft.
  3. When a visually — or hearing-impaired passenger flies accompanied by his guide dog, the dog may be carried free of charge in the economy-class cabin in addition to the free baggage allowance. The passenger shall have the document confirming the special training of the guide dog and possession of it, the dog should have the collar, muzzle. Passenger with the dog is assigned seats in the rear part of the passenger cabin, and the dog should be bound to the seat near the legs of the passenger it accompanies.