Group carriage

  1. Passengers travelling together can be considered a group if:
    • all members of the group travel together at all sections of the route;
    • have the same purpose of the trip (rest, business, sport, artistic performances, etc.);
    • apart from air carriage, the trip includes stay in the hotel, surface transportation, excursions and other services, which is organized by the respective companies.
  2. Minimum number of passengers in a group is determined in accordance with the applicable fare or special instructions of the air carrier. To register the group carriage, the company sets special terms and payment conditions. In case of refusal from transportation prior to its commencement, the payment may be refunded not fully, subject to contractual or fare conditions. The payment shall be refunded to the company having arranged and paid for the group carriage; the airlines will not refund the passengers–members of the group directly. After the transportation is started, no refunds are available.