Carriage of domestic animals and birds

  1. Dogs, cats, birds and other small domestic (tame) animals may be carried only accompanied by the adult passengers. The animals, which weight including container exceeds 5 kg and is less or equal to 32 kg, are carried in special containers (cages) as checked-in baggage.
  2. In order to carry animals and birds, the passenger should provide a container (cage) of sufficient size with air access. The bottom of the container (cage) should be waterproof and should be covered with absorbent, there should be a border along the bottom perimeter to prevent the spillage of absorbent. The bird cage should be covered with thick lightproof cloth. The weight of domestic animals and birds, as well as the weight of the container (cage) and food is not included in the free baggage allowance and shall be paid for by the passenger at the rate established by the Carrier. The weight of an animal plus the weight of container transported in the aircraft hold should not exceed 32 kg, and the sum of all three dimensions of the containers should not exceed 115 cm. Only one adult animal or maximum 2 pups or kittens under 6 months may be carried in a single cage. Dogs and cats should not be placed in the same cage. All animals should be accompanied by required documents.
  3. Upon passenger’s request, it is allowed to carry animals and birds, or a group of animals and birds, the total weight of which does not exceed 5 kg, including the cage, in the aircraft cabin, subject to payment of 1 500 roubles per one container (cage) with animal(s) as for an excess baggage to any excess baggage cashier’s desk of the airports of departure. Upon checking in, the passenger is assigned the seats in the last row of the second compartment of economy-class cabin. Transportation of animals in business-class cabin is not allowed.
  4. The Airline reserves the right to limit the number of animals transported on a particular flight. Not more than 3 animals can be transported in the aircraft cabin, and the weight of each of them with the cage should not exceed 5 kg.
  5. When checking in, the passenger should provide a boarding pass issued by the authorized state agency (veterinary surgeon in the area of international arrivals/departures of the Domodedovo airport). Check-in agents and airlines representatives should ensure that the passenger has met all required conditions. The passenger should agree with the temperature and other conditions for the transported live animals and should leave the receipt in an official form DOC, 27KB.
  6. During the flight, the temperature in the hold is in the range of plus 18–30 °C, depending on the air temperature in the aircraft cabin.
  7. A blind passenger, upon agreement with the Carrier, may fly accompanied by his guide dog. Such flight is allowed subject to provision of the document confirming the disability of the passenger and a document confirming the special training of the guide dog. Guide dog is carried in addition to the free baggage allowance, it should have the collar, muzzle and be bound to the seat near the legs of the passenger it accompanies.