Items and substances allowed for carriage in limited amounts

Passengers may carry in limited amount and from Carrier’s permission the following substances and items:

  • alcoholic beverages, wine, spirits in undamaged original package — 2 liters (4 containers) per Passenger;
  • perfume, cologne — 250 ml per Passenger;
  • medicines and personal-care items — maximum 0.5 kg or 0.5 l per Passenger;
  • nail enamel, hair liquids in spray can, as well as spirit — and lacquer-based refreshing liquids in undamaged factory package — 0.2 l per Passenger;
  • lighters and lighter liquid gas cans — 1 can per Passenger;
  • medical thermometers — 1 per Passenger;
  • mercury tonometers in standard cases — 1 per Passenger;
  • mercury barometers and manometers packed in special hermetic containers;
  • small tanks with gaseous oxygen or air required for medical purposes;
  • small tanks with carbon dioxide for actuation of artificial limbs; certain amount of dry ice required for cooling of perishables carried by the Passenger;
  • vinegar essence — 0.5 l per Passenger;
  • tobacco goods for individual purposes — 200 pieces.