Carriage of transit and transfer passengers

  1. When accepting the carriage of transit and transfer passengers, the Carrier should inform such passengers about the state requirements at the transit or transfer location specified in the «Information about international travels», and about the conditions of a particular carriage. Prior to checking in of the transfer passengers, in addition to the normal procedures, the following should be checked:
    • proof of booking of the connection flight performed by the carrier, and connection time of such flights;
    • documents required by the state authorities at the transfer locations.
  2. When checking in the baggage at the initial location of departure, each item shall be tagged with transfer (transit) tags and loaded/unloaded in accordance with special regulations of the Carrier.
  3. When the carriage is performed under one carriage document or under additional carriage documents issued along with it, the Carrier should ensure minimum connection time with the flight a passenger has booked a ticket for, which will allow such passenger to pass all pre-flight procedures in the transfer airport and fulfill the requirements related to border, customs, immigration and other types of control required under the laws of the Russian Federation.