Carriage of firearms, gas, pneumatic, melee weapons, ammunition and non-lethal weapons

  1. The passengers are prohibited from carrying firearms, gas, pneumatic and melee weapons of any type during the flight.
  2. Weapons may be accepted for transportation packed and unloaded in locked metal boxes, and should be transported only in holds of the aircraft isolated from the cabin, provided that the Passenger has proper permits for their storage and possession.
  3. Agents of the Federal State Security Service of the Russian Federation and of the Federal Government Courier Service of the Russian Federation, who are on duty, are allowed to bear service weapon.
  4. Prior to checking in, the Passengers intending to carry the weapons should inform the representative of the air security service of the airport (airlines) about it. The Passengers performing special task, escorting the special freight or post, as well as the persons, including military personnel authorized to bear and possess arms ammunition and weapons (gas sprays, electric stun devices, batons, handcuffs), subject to availability of travel order, will have their weapons, ammunition and non-lethal weapons withdrawn during pre-flight inspection by the members of inspection team.
  5. Hunting guns, rifles, carbines and gas guns (automatic pistols and revolvers), hunting knives, as well as devices that can be used as a weapon (crossbows, pneumatic guns, harpoon guns, axes, ice axes, stabbing and cutting items) or imitating weapons may only be carried as checked-in baggage, unloaded, cased and sealed.
  6. Only small amount of ammunition may be transported (one ammunition load), loaded in service clips (magazines, bandoliers) and packed together with weapons in metal boxes.
  7. Gas guns ammunition (shells), gas sprays are not allowed for transportation. They are withdrawn and duly checked-in during special inspection by the representatives of internal affairs agencies included in the inspection group.
  8. Weapons, ammunition and non-lethal weapons are not allowed for carriage on international charter flights. If the route of the VIM Airlines aircraft crosses the state border, the issue of carrying weapons onboard should be resolved in advance by the respective authorised agencies of the concerned states to ensure the compliance with the laws and regulations of such states.
  9. Weapons and ammunition accepted for transportation can be received by the Passenger upon arrival to the destination airport in the building of the air terminal in a special location from the airport inspection service representative.