VIP transportation

  1. During the transportation of VIPs, the Carrier timely provides them and people seeing them off/meeting them with the information about departure/arrival, assists in passing administrative procedures and in checking in and storing the baggage.
  2. Servicing of VIPs in the official delegations lounges is subject to prior applications. The applications should be submitted by the authorized persons of public, social, political, religious and business organizations.
  3. VIP passenger should pay the fee for use of the official delegations lounge, unless it was paid in advance or other forms of settlement are provided.
  4. VIPs should arrive to the airport of departure not later than the time of ending of passenger checking in. In certain cases, subject to prior notice about the time of arrival of the Passenger to the official delegations lounge and agreement with him of the seat in the airplane cabin, a late boarding is allowed, but not less than 15 minutes before departure of the aircraft according to the schedule.
  5. VIP passengers pass the pre-flight inspection at the special inspection desks set up in the official delegations lounges. If no inspection desk is available in the official delegations lounge, VIPs should pass the pre-flight inspection at the special inspection desks after the main body of passengers. Special inspection is conducted on the similar bases for all types of passengers, VIP including.
  6. Requirements to perform all normal check-in procedures are the same for all passengers, including VIP. VIPs are checked-in in the lounge, where the passenger is. Such passenger’s baggage, in addition to normal baggage tag, is attached another, «VIP» tag.
  7. Upon arrival of the aircraft to the destination airport, VIPs leave the aircraft first. Carrier’s representative meets the passengers near the plane and escorts them to the official delegations lounge. The baggage of such passengers is handled first.