Carriage of liquids

  1. New security regulations were introduced to ensure the safety the passengers from the risks related to possible use of liquid explosives. These regulations apply to the flights from all airports in the countries-members of EU and China, Korea, Thailand, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Moldova and others.
  2. Starting August 27, 2007, the regulations became effective in the territory of the Russian Federation and now apply to all passengers departing from the Russian airports. Please read carefully through these regulations and take them into account when preparing for the flight:
    • Passengers still can carry the liquids in the baggage. New regulations apply to carry-on baggage only.
    • The requirements concerning the packaging in plastic bag do not apply to the medicines and certain types of foodstuffs that may be need during the flight.
    • The passengers may carry liquids in the carry-on baggage only if the capacity of the container they are carried in does not exceed 100 ml. The containers should be carried in a re-sealable transparent plastic bag. The capacity of such bag should not exceed 1 liter. The limitations apply to all types of liquids, gels, lotions, perfume, crè mes, toothpastes, liquid cosmetics, etc.
    • If the passenger’s route includes the connection flight, these regulations will also apply to the passenger in the airport of transfer.
    • Goods purchased in duty-free stores can be brought on board in the sealed bag.
    • In addition, it is necessary to keep the receipt confirming the purchase of such goods. The receipt should contain the same date as the date of departure. The bag should be sealed directly at such stores.