Excess baggage

  1. A Passenger should in advance (at the time of booking a seat or purchase of the ticket) notify the Carrier about the weight and number of items of excess baggage and pay for its carriage.
  2. A Passenger shall pay for carriage of the baggage that exceeds the free baggage allowance at the rate applicable on the day of payment, for the complete carriage to the destination. The weight of an excess baggage item should not exceed 30–32 kg. The baggage in excess of 32 kg is considered heavy-weight. Baggage in excess of 50 kg shall be checked in as freight according to the freight carriage regulations.
  3. If the Passenger at the place of departure has produced less baggage for transportation than it was initially booked and paid for, the difference in payment between the stated and actual weight of the baggage shall be refunded.
  4. In case of increase by the Passenger of the weight of the carried baggage during the flight, he should pay the fare for carriage of baggage, the weight of which exceeds the free baggage allowance or exceeds the weight of the previously paid baggage. In case of reduction by the Passenger during the flight of the weight of the carried baggage, no adjustments shall be made by the Carrier to the previous payment for the baggage.