Ticket refund and exchange

Refund of electronic ticket purchased on VIM Airlines web-site

Passenger should send a request for refund to helpdesk@vim-avia.com. It should contain his full name, flight numbers, dates of departures, electronic ticket number, booking number and telephone number. If the ticket was paid through QIWI terminal, QIWI wallet number is also required, to make the refund.

After receiving a request, VIM Airlines manager will start the refund procedure and send the refund receipt to the passenger e-mail.

If the ticket was paid for through «Euroset» salon, the passenger should provide the refund receipt, payment check and passport to the place of ticket purchase and receive the refund in cash.

If the ticket was paid for by bank card, refund amount will be credited back to the account within 30 business days, depending on the issuing bank.

If the ticket was paid for through QIWI terminal, the funds will be transferred to the QIWI wallet specified in the request.

In case of voluntary refund of the air tickets, the fee will be collected in accordance with terms of fare applications the passenger was familiarized during booking procedure. Please note that refunded tickets can not be restored!

Exchange of the ticket purchased on the VIM Airlines web-site may be performed by refunding of the purchased ticket (see «Refund of electronic ticket purchased on VIM Airlines web-site») and purchasing of new one.