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Carry-on baggage

  1. The free carry-on baggage allowance is:
    • «Promo» fare — one piece up to 5 kg;
    • «Economy» fare — one piece up to 5 kg;
    • «Economy Plus» fare — one piece up to 10 kg;
    • «Business» fare — one piece up to 10 kg;
  2. Carry-on baggage is not exceeding 55×40×20 cm
  3. Carry-on baggage is placed above the passenger seat on the lockable shelf or under the seat ahead
  4. The carry-on baggage carried in the passenger compartment of the aircraft is check-in by issuing to the passenger of a «Cabin» tag and specification of the weight of the carry-on baggage in the baggage check. The passenger is responsible for the safety of belongings transported in the aircraft cabin.
  5. A passenger may transport the following items in addition to the free baggage allowance without additional payment, if they are carried by a passenger and are not placed in the baggage:
    • purse or briefcase;
    • files;
    • umbrella;
    • cane;
    • bunch of flowers;
    • outwear;
    • printed media for reading during the flight;
    • baby food for feeding a baby during the flight;
    • mobile phone;
    • photo camera;
    • video camera;
    • laptop;
    • a suit in a carryall;
    • flight baby cot for carrying a baby;
    • crutches, stretcher or wheelchair for a handicapped passenger.
    Items specified here are not required to be weighted, checked in or tagged.